How to Reduce PST File Size. Outlook 2Gb PST Problem.

Repòtaj sa a dekri karakteristik espesyal ak opsyon lè y ap kreye dosye nan Anl PST konnvètè to diminye PST gwosè. The Outlook of early versions has 2Gb PST limit and that problem can be solved using importing function with enabled size limit option.

Users of MS Outlook versions 97 and 2002 often run up against restrictions that limit PST file size to a maximum of 2 GB. The latest versions of MS Outlook use a new PST fòma dosye, making the issue of restrictions that limit PST file size not as important as before. The problem of reducing the size of Personal Folders files, however, will always be important, as their size increases as new messages are constantly added. In addition to this, PST files are a universal container that can be used to create a kontra enfòmèl ant pst kopi yon dosye kòm yon PST achiv. If you use a PST zouti tankou Anl PST konnvètè yo travay avèk . Pst files, then you can reduce the size of a Personal Folders file during the creation stage.

KOUMAN POU diminye PST gwosè lè y ap kreye yon dosye ki nan Anl PST konnvètè

After selecting the path to the PST output file (“Chwazi depo destinasyon”), an Options button with a menu of additional settings will become accessible on the second page of the wizard (“Chwazi folder sous”). The program options are divided into groups. Of interest to us are the settings which can be used to diminye PST file size, which are given in the “Atachman"Ak"Gwosè File” groups. The settings under Attachments allow the user to specify whether or not to process e-mail messages containing attachments. This parameter is set by default to “Enpòte tout dosye anl”, that is, to transfer all incoming e-mails into the . Pst file.

But, depending on your wishes, you can tell the program to process only messages containing attachments, or on the contrary, to process only messages not containing attachments. At the same time, the “Gwosè File” option allows limiting the size of imported files, for example, by eksepte mesaj ak atachman gwo. By default, the program’s limit on the size of processed files is etenn, but if necessary, this option can be set to “Sote ale dosye”: files whose size exceeds the given value will not be imported into the resulting . Pst file.

Lè l sèvi avèk opsyon sa yo nan Anl PST konnvètè, it is quick and easy to diminye PST file size by selecting the messages that are most important to you (for example, those which contain only text). The new kontra enfòmèl ant pst file, thanks to its small size, can now be saved as a PST achiv in a separate directory, and activated in MS Outlook when necessary.