How to Send a Calendar Invite in Outlook: Main Ways and Possibilities


Microsoft Outlook is an irreplaceable element of present-day business life. Employees and partners in business exchange carry out correspondence via Outlook and other mail clients. What makes Outlook peculiar and stand out of diverse other software and clients? Its multifunctionality. One may need to send an email, keep records of addresses and contacts or send a calendar invite in Outlook.

How to Send a Calendar Invite in Outlook and Why One May Need This

Sending invitations by email is widely popular among the companies who have got remotely working employees or provide flexible schedules. That is why the knowledge on how to send a calendar invite in an Outlook email will come in handy for almost every contemporary employee. Small- to large-scale companies make use of the benefits provided by this Microsoft email client.

There are several possibilities of how to send someone a calendar invite in Outlook. First, it is necessary to create a new meeting that can be done in the following ways:

Outlook New Item - Meeting

  • In the upper left corner, click on New Items ➸ find Meeting, and press it.
  • In the left corner of the screen, press on the Calendar icon ➸ after, click on New Meeting or New Appointment.
  • When you receive an email, click on Reply with Meeting.

How to Send a Calendar Invite in Outlook 2010/2013/2016: More Hints

Hence, if you need to know how to send a calendar invite in Outlook 2007 or other versions, fulfill one of the above steps and proceed to choose the attendees. In this respect, before considering how to send a calendar invite in Outlook online, it makes sense to have all the necessary emails in the address book so that to avoid manual typing that may lead to making mistakes.

Additionally, it is important to remember that sending such an invitation is an official correspondence. That is why be sure to check everything before you hit the button Send. Subject, recipients, location, starting time and date, end time — all these have to be verified.

Outlook - Meeting Creation

If you need to know how to send a calendar invite in Outlook 2016, you may follow the recommendations above. Alternatively, there is also the possibility to use the combination of ➯ Ctrl + Shift + Q.

How to Send a Calendar Invite in Outlook 365: Peculiarities to Know

The users of Office 365 are accustomed to a slightly different interface of the email client. To send an invitation, it is necessary to use the Scheduling Assistant where it is possible to add all the necessary information. Besides, the users of Office 365 have a useful possibility to allow or disable forwarding of this meeting request.

Outlook 365 Scheduling Assistant

How to Send a Calendar Invite with Multiple Dates in Outlook: Useful Feature

Whenever there is a need to send an invitation to the appointment that will have to be repeated, there are two options: regular and irregular meetings. In the first case, open the New Appointment window ➯ find and press the button Recurrence (Ctrl+G).

Recurrence Button

In this window, you can find all the info related to the occurrences and date ranges of the meetings you plan.

Outlook - Appointment Recurrence

However, if the meetings have to take place irregularly, proceed as follows: start with the steps on how to send a calendar invite in Outlook 2013 or any other version ➯ create and save the meeting ➯ go to the Calendar and find this appointment ➯ holding Ctrl, drag this meeting to any date you need it to be repeated ➯ repeat the previous step as many times as the appointment has to be repeated.

All in all, Outlook is the client that is designed to make the process communication effortless, rapid, and more efficacious. Make use of all its functions to save time and be more efficient.

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