How to Send a Calendar Invite in Outlook: Main Ways and Possibilities

Microsoft Outlook is an irreplaceable element of present-day business life. Employees and partners in business exchange carry out correspondence via Outlook and other mail clients. What makes Outlook peculiar and stand out of diverse other software and clients? Its multifunctionality. One may need to send an email, keep records of addresses and contacts or send […]

Email Template

Easy Ways on How to Create an Email Template in Outlook

Thanks to Microsoft Outlook, lots of people save their time. The only condition is to effectively utilize the features and possibilities. It works quite easy: add contact info to the address, and you will have the possibility to use these cards for diverse purposes. One may set automatic replies, create meetings, invite attendees, etc. In […]

Email conversion

How to Set Auto Reply in Outlook: Useful Guide for a Useful Program

Outlook is the part of Microsoft package that provides the users with the possibility to effectively and conveniently handle correspondence, keep schedules in order, store contact info in the Address book, and more. Planning a vacation or have to stay on sick leave? Going on a business trip? In these cases, to let people you […]

Stop spam in Outlook

How to Block Emails in Outlook and Get Rid of Disturbance

Outlook is a great assistant to lots of people across the globe. Millions of Microsoft users enjoy the benefits provided by this software. A regular day of an average employee starts with a cup of coffee and… deleting spam that is piled in the inbox. That is when the knowledge of how to block spam […]