Success Story of Don Zurstadt

I made a road trip and needed to use my laptop, which runs with Vista, to temporarily do my email. The obvious tool to use with Vista was Windows Mail. Ordinarily I use Outlook 2007 on my XP desktop computer. When I got home from the trip I had over 80 emails that I wanted to import from Windows Mail on the laptop inn i Outlook on my desktop.

After I found that Microsoft does not provide for easily importing and exporting between two computers, I starting looking for a solution, especially since this need might reoccur. EML to PST came to my attention via a Google search, and I downloaded a trial version. However by this time I had already spent half a day trying to install an old copy of Outlook 2000 on the Vista laptop with the sole purpose of getting Windows Mail til export a .pst fileall to no avail (Outlook 2000 is no longer supported by Microsoft, and multiple workarounds suggested on the Internet were all dead ends). So ultimately the prospect of spending $14.95 [ special offer coupon ] for a working solution looked pretty good. I did first verify, using the trial version, that EmlToPst really would convert an email with attachments to a .pst that I could open in Outlook 2007. And in the end, Jeg føler at du reddet meg fra et forferdelig mareritt for en billig penge.

Conversion of Windows Mail folders to Outlook

Jeg har ikke prøvd så mye mer enn enkel konvertering av et tre av Windows Mail mapper til en enkelt PST fil. Det klønete var at jeg bare ville ha en del av Windows Mail mapper – Innboks og Sendte elementer – så jeg måtte lage en kopi av treet og slette de uønskede mapper før gjør konverteringen. Deretter EmlToPst legge alle de konverterte mapper til den nye PST med sin egen super-header og deretter under sin Innboks mappen med alle de opprinnelige kategoriene, inkludert Innboks, gjentatt under denne. It was no big deal to then copy the emails from this subtree into their respective categories in my real Outlook 2007 tree, but this would not be too much fun if I had to do it very often. If there is a direct way to automaticallysynchronize” e-post fra Windows Mail til Outlook 2007, putting everything properly from folder to respective folder, then that is not clear to me at this point. [ suggestion: just disable the root folder creation option ] As it was, however, Jeg var bare glad for å få e-post og tilhørende vedlegg kopiert over og intakt, selv om det gjorde kreve en rekke manuelle operasjoner (which might, I should add, be difficult or impossible for those with limited experience in these matters).

Takk for et “livsredder”.

Don Zurstadt