How to Repair PST Files and Import Them Into MS Outlook

Atik sa a dekri kouman reparasyon PST ranpli damage and use Anl PST konnvètè to restore fin pouri PST files (Personal Folders files).

Personal Folders files and Offline Folder files in MS Outlook can occasionally become damaged, resulting in a fin pouri PST or OST file. It is possible to fix PST files that are damaged with the help of the EML to PST Converter utility together with special repair tools.

Extracting e-mail messages from a fin pouri PST file using repair tools

The first step is to extract mail messages from the fin pouri PST file. Programs for this purpose include pst2eml, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook ak Quick Recovery. All of these programs work in a similar way: generally, the user indicates the location of the fin pouri PST or OST file and the directory where the extracted files are to be saved in fòma .anl (or . Msg, if the program supports this). Note that Anl konnvètè and repair programs often do not recognize the Outlook folder structure or save the extracted e-mail messages as separate files in the needed format, not taking into account which catalog they are a part of. Here it is recommended to create the structure by hand, sorting the saved message files into folders located in the root directory. Anl PST konnvètè features support for converting . Anl mesaj into a .pst file while maintaining the catalog tree in Outlook “as is”.

Identifying damaged .eml files with the eml2pst Anl konnvètè and using the Repair PST File feature

On the first page of the wizard, select the option to create a new Personal Folders file by importing . Anl messages through an EML-PST import, since the current fin pouri PST file should not be used for updating. After the . Pst file creation process is complete, check the event log to make sure that no errors occurred: a message processing error means that the given . Anl file is damaged. In this case, repeat the EML-PST conversion of the file into . Pst, repairing whenever possible the damaged e-mail messages or excluding them from processing. As a result of these efforts to repair PST files that were previously damaged, you will have a file suitable for Pst Import into MS Outlook. You can do this using the built-in features of the mail client after removing the fin pouri PST file beforehand.