이 소프트웨어는 생명의 은인이었다! 나는 OS와 오래된 아이맥을했다 9.2 on it using Outlook Express for Mac. 이 이메일의 3 기가 바이트했다. I imported everything into Apple Mail (OS와 새로운 Mac에서 10.4) and then everything from Apple Mail onto a directory store on a Windows PC. I then used EmlToPst to combine all the emails (폴더 구조를 유지 다행) into a usable .PST file for MS Outlook 2007 Windows에서 7.

Reece Dodds

We did a successful test migration of emails from Thunderbird to Outlook 2010 using your conversion software, seamless.

Robert Crossland

PST 변환기 EML은 좋은 편리한 유틸리티입니다. 그것은 나에게 많은 시간과 노력을 저장. I have couple of archives of .eml files. Each archive was more than 2GB and I had to import them into my email (Gmail은). I chose to migrate using outlook 2007. As outlook does not recognize .eml files, 유일한 방법은 아웃룩 익스프레스에이를 가져온 다음 전망에 더 가져올 수 있었다. It was a tiresome process to setup 2gb worth of data with all the folders into outlook express. You little utility worked like a charm and created an .PST 파일 for me preserving the folder structure. 위대한 유틸리티에 대한 감사.

스리 칸스 Kaligotla

I used the software to copy변하게 하다 an mbox email container from an Apple laptop to a PCconvert it to PST format for viewing in 시야. I needed to migrate my email from Apple to PC. I Was slightly confused as to whether I needed to convert the emlx files in the MBOX container (윈도우 폴더로 해석하는) using mboxtoeml prior to running the programbut five mins of testing clarified the situation, 어떠한 사전 처리가 필요한 모든 잘했다. 훌륭한 제품! Got me out of a difficult situation quickly and simplyvery fast and error free. 좋은 일을 계속.

존 더글라스

나는 Windows에서 새 컴퓨터를 가지고 7. It doesn’t work with my old email-program “아웃룩 익스프레스”. 지금은 Outlook을 사용, but with this program I can not open all my emails. 그래서 프로그램을 발견, 그리고 난 단지 말할 수있는, it works great and fast.I convert all my older mails, 나는 아무 문제가 없었다. I’m really happy, 정말 고맙습니다!!!

헤이 케 Jockel

I can sum up my experience with your software in one word: fantastic! My old iMac is dying and I had to convert my emails.

John Olson

After using windows vista for more then a year I decided to switch back to the other brotherWindows XP. When I formatted my laptop I saved my emails as EML format and not as PST. Your software is very easy to use and did the job within seconds. Thanks!

Amir Paz

당신이 그것을 할 것이라고 말했듯이 여러분의 프로그램은 정확했다. 그것은 쉽게 .PST 이메일 파일을 변환. 인터페이스는 이해하기 쉬웠다 프로그램 고장없이 수행. 좋은 제품. My only query is why can’t Microsoft include such a converter. 이것은 내가 이후 특히의 경우 윈도우 라이브 메일에서 Outlook으로 파일을 변환 – 두 Microsoft 제품은! 좋은 제품.

존 Pauley

I made a road trip and needed to use my laptop, 비스타에있는 실행, to temporarily do my email. The obvious tool to use with 추억 was 윈도우 메일. Ordinarily I use 시야 2007 on my XP desktop computer. When I got home from the trip I had over 80 emails that I wanted to import from Windows Mail on the laptop into Outlook on my desktop. 내가 먼저 확인 않았다, 시험 버전을 사용, that EmlToPst really would convert an email with attachments to a .pst that I could open in Outlook 2007. 그리고 결국, I feel like you rescued me from a terrible nightmare at a bargain price. I was only too pleased to get the emails and their attachments copied over and intact, 그것은 수동 작업의 수를 필요로 한 경우에도 (which might, 나는 추가해야, be difficult or impossible for those with limited experience in these matters). A에 대한 감사 “인명 구조자”.

Don Zurstadt [ click here to read the full story ]

I had some old e-mails EML extensions that I needed to open with Outlook, so I converted them to PST extensions and it worked fine. Thanks.

Daniel S. Dickerson

I had motherboard failure on a laptop. I had to remove the hard drive and use it externally to get at email messages and convert from Windows Mail to Outlook 2007 at the same time. Your software worked flawlessly.

Jerome Bernstein

나는에 소프트웨어를 사용 윈도우 비스타에서 이메일을 이동 윈도우 메일을 사용하여 시스템 업데이트 (장소 업데이트에) 에 윈도우 7 Outlook을 사용하여. 우리가 발생한 문제는 것이 었습니다 Windows로 업그레이드 7 다시 윈도우 메일을 실행하는 능력을 배제하고 우리는 그것을 사용하는 내보내기 기능을 잃고 그래서 그냥 파일들을하고이를 실행하는 데 응용 프로그램이 있었다. After researching ways to do this, I ran across your site and it just seemed the easiest way to accomplish this. About the only problem I encountered and it is probably just something I didn’t have time to figure out as we were under time constraints was a way to possibly choose only email say from the Inbox folder to convert and import. This person had configured multiple folders and had an enormous amount of mail, including 28K emails in the Deleted folder alone. My workaround was to simply delete the files manually out of the Deleted mail folder using Windows Explorer. All in all your product did solve our problem and was fairly simple and intuitive to use.

게리 모

Using the tool was a snap. I integrated my Vista based Windows Mail EML files into a PST file for importing into Outlook 2003. The process went fine.

Jeff Phillips

내 구직을 돕기 위해 제품을 사용. 내가 이전에 근무 누구와 헤드 헌터의 이름을 얻을 수 있도록 오래된 썬더 버드 이메일을 복원.

로버트 노란색

맙소사! Nothing wrong… I just had to say thanks! 얼마나 쉽게이 수 있었다? 나는 많은 생각하지 않는다!!! After Googling and reading every blog and article I could find on getting my email off the (Mail.app) 다시 로 전망 2007… I stumbled upon your application! $20 과 10 minutes later… I’m done! No copying this, importing that, installing 아웃룩 익스프레스, rubbing your stomach while patting your head and standing on one foot!!! Just click, 딸깍 하는 소리, click… my email is back! Wonderful! Bless you!

클리프 피터슨

그것은 좋은 일, 아주 사용하기 쉬운 프로그램을 실행 아무런 문제. I was able to convert my 아웃룩 익스프레스 EML은 Outlook으로 파일. When I “업그레이드” 비스타에서 윈도우로 7 (a huge mistake) it announced that Windows Mail was no longer available and I found that other email programs, such as Outlook’s supposed successor Windows Live Mail, 시야, 과 Mozilla Thunderbird, would not import the EML files. The only slight problem is that my mail msgs all had virus scan tags generated by AVG. For some reason, EML to PST Converter treated these as attachments, so all of my email is now tagged as having attachments, which means I can no longer scan for old emails that had attachments. Why Microsoft put me through all this hassle is anyone’s guess. I suppose they just despise their customers and enjoy doing evil things to them. I imagine there thousands of other people with the same problem and I wonder if they will find their way to your software.

제임스 마이스너

Thanks very much for sending me your mailbox to eml converter. It really did solve my urgent and intractable problem of moving from an old email program called 통행세 받는 문, 내가 사용했다고 15 연령, 하지만 Windows에서 작동하지 않는 7 64 비트. 놀랍게도 컨버터는 무료였다 – 나는 토요일에 즉각적이고 좋은 지원을 얻었다!

Kind regards

영국의 존.

나는 성공했다! 나는 수출했다 통행세 받는 문, 당신의 EML 추출기로 MBOX tool on the export and copied results into 아웃룩 익스프레스. 많은, 많은 감사!

브루스 하워드

EML to PST Converter works very well I have convert all my thousands of email from EML file to PST. 위대한 소프트웨어.

안드레아스 Oppliger