Este software era um salva-vidas! Eu tinha um iMac velho com S. 9.2 on it using Outlook Express for Mac. Tinha 3GB de e-mails. I imported everything into Apple Mail (em um Mac mais novo com OS 10.4) and then everything from Apple Mail onto a directory store on a Windows PC. I then used EmlToPst to combine all the emails (graças a Deus que manteve a estrutura da pasta) into a usable .PST file for MS Outlook 2007 no Windows 7.

Reece Dodds

We did a successful test migration of emails from Thunderbird to Outlook 2010 using your conversion software, seamless.

Robert Crossland

EML para conversor PST é um utilitário agradável e útil. Isso me poupou muito tempo e esforço. I have couple of archives of .eml files. Each archive was more than 2GB and I had to import them into my email (Gmail). I chose to migrate using outlook 2007. As outlook does not recognize .eml files, única outra maneira era importá-los em perspectiva expresso e, em seguida, importar mais para a perspectiva. It was a tiresome process to setup 2gb worth of data with all the folders into outlook express. You little utility worked like a charm and created an .Arquivo PST for me preserving the folder structure. Obrigado pela grande utilidade.

Srikanth Kaligotla

I used the software to copy e Converter Um mbox email container from an Apple laptop to a PC e convert it to PST format for viewing in Outlook. I needed to migrate my email from Apple to PC. I Was slightly confused as to whether I needed to convert the EMLX files in the mbox container (que o Windows interpretou como uma pasta) using mboxtoeml prior to running the programbut five mins of testing clarified the situation, nenhum processamento prévio necessário e tudo estava bem. Ótimo produto! Got me out of a difficult situation quickly and simplyvery fast and error free. Mantenha o bom trabalho.

John Douglas

Eu tenho um novo computador com windows 7. It doesn’t work with my old email-program “Outlook Express”. Agora eu uso o Outlook, but with this program I can not open all my emails. Então eu encontrei o seu programa, e eu só posso dizer, it works great and fast.I convert all my older mails, Eu não tinha problemas.. I’m really happy, Muito obrigado!!!

Heike Jockel

I can sum up my experience with your software in one word: fantastic! My old iMac is dying and I had to convert my emails.

John Olson

After using windows vista for more then a year I decided to switch back to the other brother – Windows XP. When I formatted my laptop I saved my emails as EML format and not as PST. Your software is very easy to use and did the job within seconds. obrigado!

Amir Paz

Seu programa fez exatamente o que você disse que faria. Ele converteu arquivos de e-mail para .pst facilmente. A interface foi fácil de entender e o programa executado sem falhas. Um grande produto. My only query is why can’t Microsoft include such a converter. Este é especialmente o caso desde que eu era conversão de arquivos a partir do Windows Live Mail para o Outlook – ambos são produtos Microsoft! Um grande produto.

John Pauley

Fiz uma viagem de estrada e precisava usar meu laptop, que funciona com o Vista, to temporarily do my email. A ferramenta óbvia para usar com Vista foi Windows mail. uso ordinariamente I Outlook 2007 no meu computador desktop XP. When I got home from the trip I had over 80 e-mails que eu queria import from Windows Mail on the laptop into Outlook on my desktop. Eu fiz verificar primeiro, usando a versão experimental, that EmlToPst really would convert an email with attachments to a .pst that I could open in Outlook 2007. E no final, I feel like you rescued me from a terrible nightmare at a bargain price. I was only too pleased to get the emails and their attachments copied over and intact, mesmo que o fizesse exigem um número de operações manuais (which might, Devo acrescentar, be difficult or impossible for those with limited experience in these matters). Graças a uma “libertador”.

Don Zurstadt [ click here to read the full story ]

I had some old e-mails EML extensions that I needed to open with Outlook, so I converted them to PST extensions and it worked fine. obrigado.

Daniel S. Dickerson

I had motherboard failure on a laptop. I had to remove the hard drive and use it externally to get at email messages and convert from Windows Mail to Outlook 2007 at the same time. Your software worked flawlessly.

Jerome Bernstein

Eu usei seu software para mover e-mail de um Windows Vista máquina usando windows e-mail atualizado (na atualização do lugar) para Windows 7 usando outlook. O problema que encontramos foi que upgrade para Windows 7 impediu nossa capacidade de executar o Window Mail novamente e por isso perdemos qualquer funcionalidade de exportação usando-o e assim tivemos apenas um monte de arquivos e nenhum aplicativo para executá-los. After researching ways to do this, I ran across your site and it just seemed the easiest way to accomplish this. About the only problem I encountered and it is probably just something I didn’t have time to figure out as we were under time constraints was a way to possibly choose only email say from the Inbox folder to convert and import. This person had configured multiple folders and had an enormous amount of mail, including 28K emails in the Deleted folder alone. My workaround was to simply delete the files manually out of the Deleted mail folder using Windows Explorer. All in all your product did solve our problem and was fairly simple and intuitive to use.

Gary Meaux

Using the tool was a snap. I integrated my Vista based Windows Mail EML files into a PST file for importing into Outlook 2003. The process went fine.

Jeff Phillips

I used the product to aid my job search. It restored old Thunderbird emails so that I could get the names of headhunters with whom I formerly worked.

Robert Gelb

ó meu Deus! Nothing wrong… I just had to say thanks! Quanto mais fácil isso poderia ter sido? Eu não penso muito!!! After Googling and reading every blog and article I could find on getting my email off the Mac ( e volta para o Outlook 2007… I stumbled upon your application! $20 e 10 minutes later… I’m done! No copying this, importing that, installing Outlook Express, rubbing your stomach while patting your head and standing on one foot!!! Just click, clique, click… my email is back! Wonderful! Bless you!

Cliff Peterson

Funcionou muito bem, muito fácil de usar e sem problemas ao executar o programa. I was able to convert my Arquivos EML do Outlook Express para Outlook. When I “atualizado” do Vista para o Windows 7 (a huge mistake) it announced that Windows Mail was no longer available and I found that other email programs, such as Outlook’s supposed successor Windows Live Mail, Outlook, e Mozilla Thunderbird, would not import the EML files. The only slight problem is that my mail msgs all had virus scan tags generated by AVG. For some reason, EML to PST Converter treated these as attachments, so all of my email is now tagged as having attachments, which means I can no longer scan for old emails that had attachments. Why Microsoft put me through all this hassle is anyone’s guess. I suppose they just despise their customers and enjoy doing evil things to them. I imagine there thousands of other people with the same problem and I wonder if they will find their way to your software.

James Meisner

Thanks very much for sending me your mailbox to eml converter. It really did solve my urgent and intractable problem of moving from an old email program called rodovia com pedágio, que eu usei para 15 anos, mas que não funciona no Windows 7 64 mordeu. Surpreendentemente o conversor estava livre – e eu tenho apoio imediato e bom em um sábado!

Kind regards

John no Reino Unido.

Eu consegui! Eu exportei de rodovia com pedágio, usou o seu MBOX para extrator EML tool on the export and copied results into Outlook Express. Muitos, Muito Obrigado!

Bruce Howard

EML to PST Converter works very well I have convert all my thousands of email from EML file to PST. Great software.

Andreas Oppliger