EML да PST Конвертор

Import eml, msg, emlx e-mail files into Outlook, convert e-mail formats

EML to PST Converter is an affordable, fast and easy to understand and use tool that will help you конвертирате EML да Outlook и пренос на пораки од сите главни формати и-мејл апликации со генерички на Microsoft Outlook PST формат. The easy way to конвертирате msg и eml датотеки на pst.


Од e-mail became a universal and commonly available method of communication, there has been an incessant competition between e-mail апликации and platforms. Each new player on this market strove to cover what its competitors failed to address in their products to make the process of creating, sending and receiving пораки as natural, fast and comfortable as at all possible. Their efforts were quite successful – today, we have dozens of excellent email exchange applications that provide everything you need to communicate with the world: from sending and receiving emails to creating complex collaboration environments that enable you to share information and efficiently communicate with colleagues, friends and family members located across the world.

Despite the number of choices available to users today, the market is clearly dominated by Microsoft’s products – E-mail, Outlook Express и особено Outlook. Being one of the key elements of the Microsoft Office package, Microsoft Outlook е, без сомнение еден од најпопуларните и разноврсна e-mail clients. The capabilities of this application span far beyond exchanging emails. Microsoft Outlook can be used for managing daily tasks, scheduling business meetings and personal appointments, keeping notes, storing details about thousands of contacts – in other words, it provides everything you would possibly need to manage your time and communicate with business partners and friends. That’s what makes Outlook толку атрактивни и тоа е причината зошто толку многу луѓе го изберат како број еден e-mail клиент after trying their luck with alternative solutions.


Со оглед на тоа барем еден од производите на Мајкрософт е вклучена во секоја инсталација на оперативен систем на "Мајкрософт" или Microsoft Office suite, we are talking about hundreds of millions of systems using these applications. This situation would’ve been totally perfect if these tools (and all other e-mail апликации) were using the same format to store email messages and other relevant information. Unfortunately, they do not, and this fact creates several problems for millions of users who eventually end up having to конвертирате eml да Outlook:

  • If you upgrade to a new operating system, it may not necessarily support your email client. This is the case with Windows 7, for example. Users upgrading to this brand-new OS were surprised to find that it веќе не е поддржана Windows Mail тие се користат во Windows Vista и илјадници од нивните пораки во *. Eml формат could not be immediately accessed and used. They did get an option to purchase Outlook as an extra, but their emails still could not be migrated into it in a simple manner without EML да PST конверзија. [ from Windows Mail to Outlook ]
  • Ако одлучите да префрлиш од Outlook Express за да на многу помоќна Outlook, your messages will not be transferred automatically (so you’ll definitely need an EML да PST Конвертор).
  • If you change your computer and/or operating system or decide to stop using alternative email applications, such as Vista-пошта, Thunderbird, Лилјакот, Eudora, IncrediMail, Амбиент, "Епл" Пошта and others, you still won’t be able to пренесување на вашите пораки во Outlook due to format differences and will have to deal with this problem somehow (конвертирате eml да msg, увоз eml да PST – in other words, увоз eml на Outlook).
  • If your Outlook data file is damaged, you can use one of the available recovery tools, but the result is very likely to be a huge array of *. Eml files that you will need to convert into a single data file again (конвертирате EML да PST). And since Outlook does not support the *. Eml формат, you’ll have to look for a solution to конвертирате EML да Outlook.

Голем број на EML на Outlook conversion tools available on the market today may help you with some of these tasks, but may not necessarily keep your existing directory structure or transfer attachments along with your emails. Other potential problems include file size limitations, number of supported formats, encoding conflicts and more.

So is this a truly hopeless situation? Can anything be done to facilitate the migration of emails (EML да PST) from other email applications into Microsoft Outlook? Is there a painless way to get rid of your current email client, увоз EML на Outlook and smoothly switch over to this great email program?


The answer is yes! EML to PST Converter is the ideal tool for converting email files created by various email applications into Outlook. This EML да PST Конвертор is extremely versatile, flexible and fast, which makes it a real time-saver and allows you to completely forget about problems usually associated with large-scale migrations of emails. Supporting plenty of advanced conversion options, it will take good care of your email archive, no matter how large it is. The program can конвертирате EML додадени фајлови во MSG format and vice versa (in case you only need to convert specific emails instead of the whole archive), конвертирате EML и MSG files into other popular formats, such as RTF (Microsoft Word), PST, TXT, TNEF и HTML, convert . Mbox или . MBX додадени фајлови во .EML а потоа да се .PST and a whole lot more! Take a look at the list of its key features:

  • Вжештена-брзо eml2pst конверзија
  • Import email files into Microsoft Office Outlook (увоз EML да PST)
  • Увоз и конвертирате фајл системот именици за да Outook Папки
  • Import eml files into Outlook, import msg files into Outlook (Outlook увоз eml)
  • Претвори eml на Outlook . Pst personal storage files (even password protected!)
  • A possibility to import archived email messages saved in other programs (Outlook увоз eml)
  • Претвори eml да PST, конвертирате eml да msg, convert msg to pst
  • Special options: recreation of the subfolders structure or import of all messages into a single folder
  • Можноста да се создаде нов среден под-фолдер за секоја увоз сесија
  • А можноста за зачувување на структурата на папките, а увезуваат датотеки во MS Outlook
  • A possibility to import eml files into: the default Outlook PST profile, orphaned PST file or newly created PST file
  • A possibility to import msg files as messages in the RFC 822 format
  • Import filters: select files of a specific size, exclude or include files with attachments, etc.
  • Advanced message pre-processing options for emails saved on Unix and MacOS systems.
  • NEW FEATURE! Инсталација на пакетот вклучува бесплатно mbox да eml Конвертор (Thunderbird да eml, конвертирате сандачиња да PST, увоз сандачиња во Outlook)
  • NEW FEATURE! Поддршка на Mac OS X. EMLX формат
  • NEW FEATURE! Support of Unicode PST files, the program can create .pst files over 4 GB in size
  • NEW FEATURE! An integrated converter (convert EML, MSG files to RTF, TXT, TNEF, HTML)
  • NEW FEATURE! Серија процесори for .eml, .emlx and .msg files Importing
  • User-friendly и многу интуитивен помошник-базиран интерфејс

Thousands of users have already tried EML to PST Converter in action and were amazed by its speed, simplicity and eml2pst conversion efficiency. If you are seeking a reliable EML да PST Конвертор, you’ve knocked on the right door!