E-Mail-PST Addition of Messages: Updating an Existing PST File

Este artigo describe como actualización PST files that already exist in MS Outlook, by converting e-mail messages from EML para PST and adding them with the help of EML to PST Converting tool.

We often use multiple mail programs – at work and at home, on our desktops and on our laptops – but sometimes it is necessary to combine all of our electronic correspondence in one email client. It is possible to perform this task using MS Outlook, by creating a separate Ficheiro de carpetas persoais (.pst) for each type of electronic correspondence (for example, business and personal) and then performing a importar PST do adicional . PST files. The EML para PST Converter utilidade pode axudar a crear un novo . PST arquivo de correo-e trasladados Apple Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express ou Thunderbird que son gardadas no . Eml, which can then be processed with a simple e-mail PST- conversion.

Pero co tempo faise necesario actualización PST arquivos, engadindo novas mensaxes de correo electrónico para eles a través de un e-mail PST- conversion. This feature is also included in EML para PST Converter. Before starting to work with the . PST file, you will need an . Eml copy of the e-mail messages which have been transferred, for example, from Mozilla Thunderbird . Mbox base de datos para ir de EML para PST. Next launch EML para PST Converter e na primeira páxina do asistente, escolla a opción "Usar estándar de almacenamento de Outlook” (update the current . PST file selected by default in the Outlook settings) or “Seleccione orfas PST” (select the necessary . PST file in a dialog window). The latter option is recommended if you use more than one Personal Folders file. If the . PST file you have chosen is password-protected, then you should enter this password in the Password field. Afterwards, specify the . Eml arquivos de entrada e agardar o EML para PST conversion for use with MS Outlook to finish. You should pay special attention to the catalog tree containing the .eml input files. The EML to PST Convertor (eml2pst) recognizes the directory structure and transfers it into Outlook in the given form. Therefore, if the Windows catalog name is the same as the name of the analogous catalog in Outlook, then the . Eml arquivos de entrada vai pasar por un importar PST and will be automatically placed in the corresponding directory. Also note that it is possible to work similarly with . Msg files, whether you decide to importación msg arquivos ou engadir las a un . PST file, converting them from Msg para PST.