Гісторыя поспеху Дон Zurstadt

I made a road trip and needed to use my laptop, which runs with Меркаванне, to temporarily do my email. The obvious tool to use with Меркаванне было Windows Mail, Звычайна я выкарыстоўваю Outlook 2007 на маім XP настольнага кампутара. Калі я вярнуўся дадому з паездкі ў мяне было больш за 80 лістоў, якія я хацеў імпарту з Windows Mail на ноўтбуку у Outlook on my desktop.

After I found that Microsoft does not provide for easily importing and exporting between two computers, I starting looking for a solution, especially since this need might reoccur. EmlToPst came to my attention via a Google search, and I загрузіць пробную версію. However by this time I had already spent half a day trying to install an old copy of Outlook 2000 па Меркаванне ноўтбук з адзінай мэтай атрымаць Windows Mail да экспарт. PST файл – all to no avail (Outlook 2000 is no longer supported by Microsoft, and multiple workarounds suggested on the Internet were all dead ends). So ultimately the prospect of spending $14.95 [ спецыяльны купон прапанову ] for a working solution looked pretty good. I did first verify, using the trial version, that EmlToPst сапраўды будзе пераўтварыць электроннай пошты з ўкладанняў у. PST што я мог бы адкрыць у Outlook 2007. And in the end, I feel like you rescued me from a terrible nightmare at a bargain price.

Я не спрабаваў таксама значна больш, чым простае пераўтварэнне дрэва Windows Mail папкі на адзін. PST file. The awkward part was that I only wanted part of the Windows Mail folders – Inbox and Sent Items – so I had to make a copy of the tree and delete the unwanted folders before doing the conversion. Then EmlToPst пакласці ўсе пераўтворыцца папкі ў новую. PST са сваім супер-загалоўку, а затым пад яго Уваходныя folder with all the original categories, including Inbox, repeated under that. It was no big deal to then copy the emails from this subtree into their respective categories in my real Outlook 2007 tree, but this would not be too much fun if I had to do it very often. If there is a direct way to automatically “synchronize” email from Windows Mail to Outlook 2007, putting everything properly from folder to respective folder, then that is not clear to me at this point. [ suggestion: проста адключыць стварэнне каранёвай тэчцы ] As it was, however, I was only too pleased to get the emails and their attachments copied over and intact, even if it did require a number of manual operations (which might, I should add, be difficult or impossible for those with limited experience in these matters).

Thanks for a “life-saver”.

Дон Zurstadt