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געבויט, אין עמאַיל פאָרמאַץ קאָנווערטער

September 13th, 2009

We have improved the program by adding some new conversion features. Now the software may not only import files of עמל, מסג, עמלקס (and optional מבאָקס און מבקס) formats into Outlook but also convert these file types to פּסט, רטף, טקסט, עמל, מסג, טנעף און HTML formats. To take advantage of this new feature you just need to check the “Convert EML and MSG files to:” option and choose the target file type on the first wizard page.

אזוי דער פּראָגראַם איז קאַמפּאַטאַבאַל מיט טעקע פֿאָרמאַטירונגען עמל, מסג, עמלקס פֿאַר אַרייַנשרייַב און פּסט, רטף, טקסט, עמל, מסג, טנעף און HTML for output.

  • עמל צו פּסט – Import Outlook Express email files to Microsoft Outlook profile
  • מסג צו פּסט – Import native MS Outlook files into Outlook data format
  • עמל צו מסג – Convert Entourage eml files to Outlook compatible pst
  • מסג צו עמל – Convert Outlook emails to EML format (מסג קאָנווערטער)
  • עמל צו רטף – Convert eml files to Microsoft Word documents
  • מסג צו רטף – Save Outlook emails to the Word compatible format (גער מסג)
  • עמל צו HTML – Turn eml files into Web documents of HTML format
  • מסג צו HTML – Save Outlook emails to files of html format
  • עמל צו טקסט – Convert emails of RFC format to the plain text files
  • מסג צו טקסט – Save Outlook emails t the text document

Now you can keep your archive of messages in any of the available formats suitable for reading, analyzing, searching and tracking. Preparing letters for imports in the judicial system, litigation management system and responses to Freedom of Information Act requests. It is useful for cross-group companies which are cooperating, but using the different email software or projects where messages are stored in the shared folder and for customer support teams, which often receiving emails from customers in different formats.