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עמל צו פּסט קאָנווערטער - פעסט און כאַסאַל-פֿרייַ מאַשין פון פאָלקס בליצפּאָסט פֿאָרמאַטירונגען צו אַוטלוק

February 10th, 2010

Being one of the most popular email clients on the market, מייקראָסאָפֿט אַוטלוק is used daily by tens of millions of people worldwide to communicate with their colleagues, partners and friends. However, not all of them started using Outlook from the very beginning, opting for simpler and more affordable solutions. By the time they decided to switch to Outlook, they had hundreds or even thousands of messages in other formats that just could not be lost. EMLtoPST.Com responded to the needs of these users and created a tool that made the process of transferring emails and email attachments from the majority of email clients to Outlook truly easy and fast.

אונדזער פֿירמע איז צופרידן צו מעלדן די מעלדונג פון EML to PST Converter version 2.7.4, a powerful conversion tool primarily intended for large-scale מייגריישאַנז פון עמל-באזירט Email קלייאַנץ צו מייקראָסאָפֿט אַוטלוק » Read more: EML to PST Converter – fast and hassle-free conversion of popular email formats to Outlook

ווי צו בייַטן הבאים מעיל אַרטיקלען צו עמל פֿאָרמאַט און אַרייַנפיר אין ענדערונגען אַוטלוק

January 17th, 2010

Many users of our EML to PST Converter asking us:

  • ווי צו switch from using MAC OS – Apple Mail client to Microsoft Outlook?
  • ווי צו export messages from the email client software of MAC OS X (Mac OS X, POSIX, MAC OS 9)?
  • How to implement the conversion of messages into עמל פֿאָרמאַט?
  • How to make עמל פֿאָרמאַט compatible with Windows encoding?
  • ווי צו import messages from Apple Mail to דערוואַרטונג pst file?

The article, which we offer to your attention describes the email transferring process from the standard עפּל מעיל client, converting with proper eml file encoding and importing to מייקראָסאָפֿט אַוטלוק. עפּל מעיל client can save messages to the .עמל or .עמלקס format, but the Outlook can’t import them directly, fortunately עמל צו פּסט קאָנווערטער can handle this task easily.

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