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EML to PST Converter / Importación Modo Batch

November 3rd, 2010

A versión da empresa e do sitio web da EML para PST Converter agora admite procesamento en solar para a importación de matrices de EML, Emlx e Msg arquivos nun ou varios almacenamento PST files. This capability may come in extremely useful for large email migration projects involving, for instance, merging of hundreds or even thousands of messages dumped to user-specific folders on the hard-drive into individual arquivos PST. For example, if you are a system administrator and need to transfer the correspondence of many employees using alternative email programs (like Windows Mail, Life Mail and others) to Outlook, the modo de importación en solar de EML para PST Converter will help you save an immense amount of time and hassle.

O modo batch funcionalidade pode acceder dende a pantalla principal do programa premendo no botón "Modo Batch” button. The lote de importación xanela permite crear e editar a lista de carpetas de orixe e as correspondentes PST arquivos de saída. You can save the list and quickly reopen it in the future to save time using the “Gardar"E"Carga” buttons. Batch list files can be modified in any text editor and are associated with the EML para PST Converter during installation, so all you need to start working is double-click the necessary batch file and hit “Lote Inicio”!

Usa o "Buscar"Botón para abrir o cartafol por defecto / diálogo de selección de ficheiro e prema en"Engadir” button to add the currently selected folder to the list. The “Eliminar” button removes the currently selected list item, while the “Borrar” button clears the list completely.

Con EML para PST Converter, batch processing of multiple email files and merging them into a single PST is a breeze. Just select the source folders the program will scan for EML, ELMX e Msg arquivos e indicar o nome do PST. The program automatically names the PST after the last subfolder in the selected path. If you are combining several sources for output to a single destination file, enable the “Corrixir nome de arquivo” option and the program will use the same output files for all new folders you add to the list. Note that the names of output files on the list are editable, so you can change them manually at any time.

Once you are done selecting the source folders and corresponding output files, click the ”Lote Inicio” button to start the import process. As you see, using this handy feature is a snap and it can potentially save you countless hours in your email migration or message consolidation project!

Importe e converta EML e mensaxe de Outlook no modo de lote

October 10th, 2010

The Batch Mode was implemented. It is available in the EML to PST Converter versions from The Modo Batch allows to import different sources of EML, EMLX or PST files into single or multiple PST.

This feature was suggested by our user: “My project is to import collections of MSG/EMLs into PSTs. The messages have already been dumped from Exchange into root folders on disk. I have to create a single PST for each root account folder. For my current project I have ~1000 accounts.”

Using EML to PST Converter Batch Mode you can:

Importar o número de . Msg, . Emlx e . Eml arquivos de diferentes lugares para un . PST arquivo.

This feature will be helpful for system administrators and data processing engineers who should take emails from different sources (network neighborhood, storage devices etc.) and multiple users and compile the single PST file.

Importar a cantidade de . Eml, . Msg e . Emlx arquivos en distintos arquivos de . PST.

Se ten que facer o individuo . PST para cada usuario na súa empresa ou correo-e divididos importados de varias . PST or you wish to make the archive of e-mails by date, month or an year – this feature will help you to complete such tasks.

O Lote Processing mode is simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Choose the source folder where email files are stored. The pst file name will be automatically suggested based on the source folder name, however you can change it;
  2. Press Add button to add the parameters line to the Batch List Queue;
  3. Repeat above steps to fill out the Batch List;
  4. Press Options button and configure importing options if needed;
  5. Execute the Batch Job and wait for the end of operation;

Tha Batch List can be saved and loaded. The program adds the file type association for the Batch Job files so you will be able to load the Batch List by double click.

The Batch Mode available only for users who have registered the software with Site or Enterprise license.

Built-Conversor de formatos de e-mail

13 de setembro de 2009

Temos mellorado o programa, engadindo algúns novos recursos de conversión. Agora, o software non só importar ficheiros EML, Msg, Emlx (Opcional Mbox e MBX) Formata a Outlook, pero tamén converter estes tipos de ficheiros a PST, RTF, Txt, EML, Msg, TNEF e HTML formatos. Para aproveitar deste novo recurso, só precisa comprobar as "Converter arquivos EML e msg para:" opción e seleccione o tipo de ficheiro de destino na primeira páxina do asistente.

Así, o programa é compatible con formatos de ficheiro EML, Msg, Emlx para entrada e PST, RTF, Txt, EML, Msg, TNEF e HTML para a saída.

  • EML para PST - Arquivos de correo Import Outlook Express para perfil de Microsoft Outlook
  • Msg para PST - Arquivos de MS Outlook nativos importar ao formato de datos de Outlook
  • EML para msg - Converter ficheiros de Entourage EML a Outlook PST compatible
  • Msg de EML - Converter correos electrónicos de Outlook a formato EML (Msg Converter)
  • EML para RTF - Converter ficheiros de EML para documentos de Microsoft Word
  • Msg para RTF - Correos electrónicos de Outlook Gardar a formato compatible co Word (Converter msg)
  • EML para HTML - Xire EML arquivos para documentos web de formato HTML
  • Msg para HTML - Correos electrónicos Gardar Outlook para arquivos de formato HTML
  • EML para txt - Converter correos electrónicos de formato RFC aos ficheiros de texto simples
  • Msg para txt - Correos electrónicos de Outlook Gardar t do documento de texto

Now you can keep your archive of messages in any of the available formats suitable for reading, analyzing, searching and tracking. Preparing letters for imports in the judicial system, litigation management system and responses to Freedom of Information Act requests. It is useful for cross-group companies which are cooperating, but using the different email software or projects where messages are stored in the shared folder and for customer support teams, which often receiving emails from customers in different formats.