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Being one of the most popular email clients on the market, Microsoft Outlook is used daily by tens of millions of people worldwide to communicate with their colleagues, partners and friends. However, not all of them started using Outlook from the very beginning, opting for simpler and more affordable solutions. By the time they decided to switch to Outlook, they had hundreds or even thousands of messages in other formats that just could not be lost. EMLtoPST.Com responded to the needs of these users and created a tool that made the process of transferring emails and email attachments from the majority of email clients to Outlook truly easy and fast.

Наша кампанія рада паведаміць аб выпуску EML да PST Converter version 2.7.4, a powerful conversion tool primarily intended for large-scale Міграцыі ад EML-кліентаў электроннай пошты ў Microsoft Outlook і яго ўласнасць PST фармат. Apart from this main purpose, the software enables you to efficiently solve a number of other typical email conversion tasks.

“The idea to create a tool like EML to PST Converter came to us quite naturally,” says Atie Uhan, the Senior Product Manager at EMLtoPST.Com. “Being professional developers, we probably use email more often than the majority of regular users and also change operating systems and computers quite frequently, so email migration was not just a phrase for us – it became a real problem we had to face and deal with. Eventually, we developed a tool that is now called EML да PST Converter. I helped us a lot and we hope our clients will also appreciate its functionality and speed.”

EML да PST Converter efficiently solves the problem of migrating from Microsoft Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook, upgrading from Windows Vista’s Mail to Outlook under the newest Windows 7 and transferring email archives of any size from alternative email clients (such as Thunderbird, Бат, Eudora, IncrediMail, Асяродак, Apple Mail and others) ў Outlook. The program can also be used for узнаўляючы PST файлы з масіваў EML файлы генеруецца большасцю Прыкладання аднаўлення PST,

EML да PST Converter features a simple and unambiguous wizard-driven interface that enables users to convert their email archives quickly and with a bare minimum of efforts. The scope of operations the program can perform is not limited to manipulations with files only. The software can also recreate the original structure of sub-folders or merge all sub-folders into a single folder. EML файлы могуць быць захаваны ў Профіль Перспектывы па змаўчанні, асірацелае або PST файл новы, which helps users store their current Outlook messages and imported ones separately. EML to PST Converter features a file filter that can be used for selecting EML файлы павінны быць уключаны ў прызначэння PST файл according to a number of criteria: Памер файла, presence of attachments and others.

Пакет праграмнага забеспячэння ўключае ў сябе бясплатны MBOX ў інструмент пераўтварэнні EML that facilitates email migrations from third-party email applications, such as Thunderbird, ў Outlook. For the same purpose, EML да PST Converter fully supports the Apple’s EMLX format, features advanced preprocessing functions for emails saved on Unix або MacOS systems and supports Unicode PST files of over 4 GB in size. As a valuable extra, the program comes with an integrated file converter that enables users to convert EML і MSG files into RTF, TXT, TNEF і HTML formats.

EML to PST Converter offers a unique mix of price, ease of use, functionality and efficiency that will be equally enjoyed by regular users and professionals that seek a reliable “everything-to-Outlook” conversion tool.

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